A style to suit


Dining is as traditional as they come.

This is your classic garden furniture set perfect for eating outdoors. Dining sets come in three different materials; resin, aluminium and teak. The sizes of our dining sets range from 2 seats all the way to 12 seat sets, from 70cm bistro sets right up to 3.7m grand dining tables. With a price range from £299 to £10,999.

Sofa & Modular

Sofa and Modular Sets offer the ultimate in comfort when relaxation is the main aim.

The comfort of our sofa sets can rival that of any indoor sofa suite. Designed to stay outdoors all year round, requiring only the cushions to be brought indoors. The lounge sets we sell come in either  predetermined corner sizes or individual modular units so many different sizes and shapes can be achieved. Weave is the most commonly used material due to its longevity and appearance. The majority of our outdoor modular sets come with either waterproof or weatherproof cushions.

Low Dining

Low Dining Sets are the perfect combination of a space to relax but also a space to eat and dine.

Low Dining Sets comprise modular elements that have a seat height slightly higher than a traditional lounge seat. This is combined with a dining table slightly lower than your traditional dining table height. The combination means you have a place to relax as well as a place to dine. A great middle ground and becoming ever more popular in the UK.